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The name Jasper is thought to be derived from the Persian word "yashp" meaning "spotted stone".  Jasper was mentioned in the Bible as one of the gems that adorned the High Priests breastplate during the Exodus.  It is a highly protective and stabilizing stone and was used in the Middle Ages as the "Warrior Stone".  It was once thought to protect against spider and snake bites and was believed to bring the rain.  There are many colors and types of Jasper. Each one works in a little different way according to the color.

Jasper is the Mystical Birthstone for the month of October.

            Ocean Jasper





Ocean Jasper is taken from the ocean at low tide off the coast of Madagascar and is said to be connected with the ancient mystic knowledge of Atlantis.  Its orbital pattern reminds us of the interconnectedness of all things.  It is a stone of responsibility and patience.  Ocean Jasper is a nurturing, soothing stone that heals the emotions and brings peace of mind.   


            Zebra Jasper




Zebra Jasper is said to encourage one to keep striving towards dreams and life goals.  It is an energetic, motivational stone that will give you the courage to tackle your problems and bring your projects to completion.

           Fancy Jasper


Fancy Jasper is a stone that works to calm, by dispelling fear, frustration and guilt.  It encourages organized thought and promotes rational thinking.  It assists concentration which in turn discourages procrastination.  Fancy Jasper is a grounding stone which uplifts the spirit and promotes positive future plans. 


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